Episode 4: STRADA ROSA

A Los Angeles native residing in Camarillo is finally seeing his dream come to life.  Like most aspirations, it takes time before you actually start to put it on paper and make moves. Tim Ekeke is the founder and mastermind behind this new and upcoming brand while Dennis Rose is the creative director. Now when you live in Ventura County, somebody ALWAYS knows SOMEBODY! And when Tim got introduced to Dennis by their mutual friend, they began to vibe and noticed they both had an eye for fashion.  I’ve personally known Dennis since I was a freshman in high school and we’ve collaborated on a few projects so I knew if it had to do with fashion, Dennis was the guy. The rest was history. Strada Rosa (translation street rose) has only launched within the past few months but with the connections they have, they’ve already been featured in a magazine.  They plan to grow A LOT within the next few months as well as expand their catalog.  As of right now they are selling tee’s but have already teased their fans with a flannel and a few different color beanies. In my opinion, be on the look out for Strada Rosa in the near future. They coming with that ish you ain’t even seen before. I even have my Pops asking me about the flannel he saw when I showed him their website. So not only is this for the young generation out here, it’s appealing to the OG’s too. And that speaks monuments with a brand. It’s become one of my favorite show so take a listen below!


instagram: @stradarosaofficial


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