Episode 7: MAX MORTEN

Growing up partially in the 805 and then the other half in Kentucky, Max experienced both worlds. The “Cali Life” and the “Midwest Life” helped shape Max to become the man he is today.  Dedicating his life to sports, he had a vision that would one day come to an end. Did he cower at difference? No way! He was introduced to the world of modeling and acting by a friend and has pursued it ever since. He’s even one of the faces of Tinder! His success comes from networking and mostly chance as he states. You never know when a producer or director is going to call you out and make you the lead of a commercial, and that’s what would happen with him. Good looks? Perhaps. Personality? Definitely. But Max has something that not everyone can duplicate. Versatility. He can go from a light skin hispanic to a light skin black guy….just depends on his appearance!  Crazy how this world works.


Hit play down below to hear how Max stays focused on his future. Hes making his way to the top so make sure you look out for future commercials and music videos he’s featured in!


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