Kollege Kado is a Ventura native who started writing raps at a young age.  It wasn’t until recently that he decided to take his music career seriously.  Kado’s life has been composed of sports and music. If he’s not doing one, he’s doing the other and that’s how he plans to keep it. Georgia will soon be his home where he will play football for the Georgia Southern Eagles as a QB and he plans on continuing his music and recording whenever he gets home. As I had this interview with him in his snowflake pajamas, I saw a kid that has goals and plans on achieving them. Sometimes you can just tell when someone is going to be something…that’s the vibe I got from him.  Though his music seems to cover a broad spectrum, for example one song could be a mellow beat containing lyrical metaphors like you’d hear from Anderson Paak & Childish Gambino, while another song has a trap beat and is reminiscent of a Pimp C or even a Future vibe.  Tune in below to hear how he first fell in love with rapping and how he creates songs.  We even had him drop a few verses just for ya’ll.

Artist: Kollege Kado

Age: 21

Creativity: Lyricist/Rapper/Football Player

City: Ventura, CA

Instagram/Twitter: @KollegeKado

My Pick: 


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