Raised in San Diego, Lan “Yellow” Nguyen started innovational thinking at a young age. Coming from a Vietnamese family, he had to hustle and be creative to get to where he wanted to go. It wasn’t until later down the road he finally found what he had been searching for. In high school and college, Yellow would work as a promoter for the local 18+ clubs. He would contact upcoming artists to come perform at the venues and actually paid them with his own FAFSA money. After attending SDSU, he realized he needed to get his life together and decided to move to Ventura County to attend Brooks Institute(Rest in Peace-lol) where he would study film.  There, he honed his craft and even would shoot music videos there. He’s worked with artists such as Schoolboy Q, AbSoul, Mistah F.A.B. and much more. Now, he has become the Creative director of Fat Sal’s which is an urban sandwich company on the rise. And let me tell you, if you have NOT been there……LAWDDDDDDDDD. Get the Buffalo! But he has helped this company create phenomenal content. Super dope joint to check out.  BUT ANYWAYS…. Yellow also has his own production company! So he is definitely winning. Scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN (Remy Ma voice) to listen and learn how Lan got his hustle on and how connections can really help you out later on in life…….even if you may not know it yet.




Some notable work Lan has done:

Artist: Yellow Nguyen

Age: 28

Creativity: Creative Director, Film Director, Film Editor, Photographer, Promoter

City: San Diego/Ventura/Los Angeles

Instagram/Twitter: @imyellownguyen

Youtube: YellowOneProductions

Facebook: Yellow One Pros

Vimeo: Yellow Nguyen



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