From clubbing to hosting tables across from your favorite rapper, Ray Felix aka MakeEmSayRay is in the process of building his marketing empire.  Hailing from Oxnard, CA, Ray didn’t have it easy………well, let me rephrase…..he had it easy but couldn’t keep his mouth shut.  The talkative teenager was taken out of school the first day of his junior year BY HIS MOTHER because she was tired of getting called to the school because her son was in constant trouble. He took a test to get his H.S. diploma and passed with flying colors. Fast forward a couple years, now he’s promoting at the hottest clubs in L.A. Fast forward again….now he’s signing NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements) for urban brands and helping them market their products.  WOW. And to think this guy is only 25.  I actually helped design his logo for his personal brand and Youtube channel that will be launching soon.  We also go into dating and relationships for a good 45 min. LOL. Tune in below to check out the dope convo!


Age: 25

Hometown: Oxnard, CA

Creativity: Social Media Marketing Strategist/Prestigious Real Estate Agent

Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: @MakeEmSayRay



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