Episode 11: RAZO

Rapping is not the easiest thing to do…….ACTUALLY, let me rephrase and say being a LYRICAL rapper is not the easiest thing to do but somehow it comes easy to this young mixed breed Jacob RAZO.  Half white and half mexican, he grew up listening to rap with his pops. Artists such as DJ Quik, Too Short and E-40 influenced a young kid from the 805 and he started writing his own.  MANY and I mean EVERYBODY (including myself) have said he sounds like G-Eazy in his music but I think there’s a little more bass in Razo’s voice (no offense Gerald). When you listen to his EP, you can hear the relation from song to song. He’s got that Yay area vibe going too! So check out this dope artist who’s humble and always puttin on for our city! He’s got some major plans in the works so stay tuned in for updates!

Name: RAZO

Age: 23

Creativity: Rapper/Lyricist

Hometown: Camarillo, CA

Twitter: @RazoJacob

Instagram: @JacobLeeRazo

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