Episode 12: THE HOSTS

It’s time you meet the hosts of The Young n Creative.


The Creator:

Erica AKA Edubb

Known as the light skin hooper,Edubb was born and raised in Hueneme/Oxnard. She balled all her life and got a scholarship to attended a university where she handed out L’s all four years. She fell in love with creating visual media so she majored in Multimedia and emphasized in Graphic Design. During her senior year, she tragically tore her ACL in the last regular season game. Her team was regular season champs and continued to be conference tournament champs (Woop woop!). Now, she is working at a company as their lead graphic designer while doing freelance work on the side.  She created this podcast as an outlet for other creatives in her local area to gain exposure as well as be recognized by their peers as something more.  She hopes for The Young n Creative to take off not only a a podcast but as a movement and brand because we all came from somewhere. She’s just making sure she putting her people on first!

Age: 25

Hometown: Oxnard, CA

Creativity: Personality/Graphic Design/Photography/Editor/Networking/Podcast Producer-Creator

Email: erica@youngncreative.com
Twitter:  @Edubblove
Instagram: @Edubblove
 Portfolio: Behance


The Co-host:

Daniel AKA Baby Crock

Just a brotha from the O tryin to make a name for himself and help his family out. Born and raise in Oxnard, he attended Oxnard High School and played ball then continued at Oxnard College. As of recently, he took a break from hoop and is just focusing on school and while working 2 jobs. He started listening to podcasts and thought…hey. if they can do it, so can he. He enjoys meeting others and discussing life, music, fashion, sports and so on. He plans to continue his pursuit in the entertainment talk show/podcast field and is open to other opportunities life throws at him.

Age: 22

Hometown: Oxnard, CA

Creativity: Personality/Networking/Podcast Host


Instagram: @Hoopalot23

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