Discontinuing The Young N Creative

Creativity never stops, nor does it produce itself without movement.

It’s been a great run with some dope talent and I really loved doing this. From starting out as something minor and local to expanding to the valley and LA.  I can’t be more proud of how much I accomplished in two years.  This journey was eye opening and exciting. Meeting new upcoming artists from my city had me impressed! Learning about the development of producing one garment had me shoooooook! And watching someone paint so effortlessly had me in awe. Man, I am so thankful. I had some hella creative and genius minds on my podcast. Wow, who would’ve thought. All the money and time I put in this show, I’ll never be able to say I regret it. Ya’ll were worth it to me.

Thank you to everyone who came and shared their experiences on the show.  My goal was to give people an insight on the hard work it really takes when you take a creative path and I feel like I achieved that.  Thank you to all the people who supported their friends and supported the show. Without the word on the street, no one would’ve bothered to listen.  I hope you all were able to learn something new.

As for my future endeavors, like they always say…..when one door closes, another one opens.  I’m in the process of deciding my next move so be on the look out for something hella dope in the future. Success is a process that only leads to progress. And if you aren’t progressing in life, you must be stuck. So, once again, I appreciate all the support! Ya’ll really made this happen.  Farewell Young n Creative folks. I’ll miss you dearly. #OntoTheNext


– Edubb aka the lightskin hooper aka the balla shot calla aka ya motha’s fav aka the girl with the sultry voice aka

the young n creative mastermind.



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