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May 21st – 27th



DeAndre Wilson, 25 and Jeff Gott, 24

Turn Table, LLC

Evansville, Indiana


It’s always been a dream of Jeff Gott and I (DeAndre Wilson) to be entrepreneurs, and own our own business. We never knew what that look like exactly so we let fate guide us. Our experience compliments our plans as we both have a background in culinary arts and hospitality which lead us desiring to own our own food truck. We’ve been consistently pursing our dream by researching food trucks for 3 years. We decided to accomplish our dream by utilizing a food truck because we realized that we are new to this industry as up and coming entrepreneurs. To start off our business on the right foot, we compiled an extensive business plan that incorporated details that some small businesses tend to overlook. Our creative concepts include: holding an esteemed advisory board, navigating trends in the culinary and hospitality industry, understanding how to use social tools by sharp networking, and finding mentors for vocation counsel when need be. Each of the four components mentioned is our way of ensuring our business is both trendy and successful. Jeff Gott and myself realize that we are taking a risk, but if you never leap for your dreams you’ll always be left in the dust.


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